Welcomes both registered and unregistered dogs



     Registered purebred dogs and their owners have always been able to earn titles in obedience, tracking and Earth Dog.  NAMBR provides the mixed breed dog owner with an equal opportunity to earn titles in these disciplines through NAMBR sanctioned Obedience Trials, Tracking Tests and Earth Dog Tests. This compliments activities such as a Flyball and Agility, where there is no distinction between the pure and not so pure bred.
    The primary focus of NAMBR is the mixed breed dog, however NAMBR welcomes both registered and unregistered purebreds.

  NAMBR is a non-profit volunteer club of members who are interested in pursuing titles on their mixed breed companions.

   Formed in 1995 by mixed breed advocate and former greyhound breeder, the late Linda Reidt, the North American Mixed Breed Registry (NAMBR) allows owners of "all Canadians" to pursue performance goals and titles in the same way as owners of registered purebreds can through the various Kennel Clubs.  This opens up wonderful new avenues to dogs from shelters, rescue organizations, re-homed pets and other adoptions that usually come without those precious "papers".

All NAMBR trials are organized and run by members.  Please refer to the Rules and Regulations page and the FAQ page for information on holding or entering trials.


West Highland Terrier

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